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MSL: READING 46: FAITH AT WORK - RUSSELL SHORTO (p. 516526) - Chuck Ripka He is 45 years old; a father of five and a grandfather of two who has been married to his high-school sweetheart for 25 years. He is a vice-president mortgage banker at the Riverview Community Bank in Ostego, Minnesota. His bank is way station for Christ. When hes not approving mortgages, or rather especially when he is, Ripka lays his hands on customers and colleagues, bows his head and prays. He is a marketplace pastor, one node of a sprawling, vigorous faith-at-work movement. - The Riverview Community Bank It opened as a Christina financial institution with a Bible buried in the foundation and the words In God We Trust engraved in the cornerstone. 18 months after opening, deposits jumped from $5 million to more than $75 million. It is one of the fastest growing start-up banks in the state. People say that Jesus Christ has blessed them because they are obedient to his will. Jesus told them to take his word out and of the church and bring it to where people interact: the marketplace. - Ripka says he sometimes slips and says to people, Come on over to the churchI mean the bank. - Thousands of businesses and other entities, from one-man operations to global corporations to divisions of the federal government, have made room for Christianity on the job, and in some cases have oriented themselves completely around Christian precepts. - The idea is the Christians have for too long practiced their faith on Sundays and left it behind during the workweek, that there is a moral vacuum in the modern workplace. This leads to: Backstabbing careerism, Empty routines for employees, and C.E.O.s who push for profits at the expense of society, the environment, and their fellow human beings. - Os Hillman A former golf professional and advertising executive in Georgia. An unofficial leader of the faith-at-work movement. He and his wife offer workshops, publish books and organize conferences through two organizations: (1) the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries and (2) Marketplace Leaders.
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