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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCIO Notes (Lecture) Jenna Davis LEC: Technology and Global Environment SLIDE 6 • Yellowstone national park (usa)was the first national park in the world. • Co2, now seen as a pollutant, yet plants cannot grow without co2 • Acid rain, clean air acts came as a result of this, so2 combined; the whole science is uncertain, but the movement has been adept at pushing forward the enivro movement. Sociology develops an interest because it involves humans • Green Peace members will sometimes attack Japanese oiling ships; sierra club • Environmentalism is global. Globalisation has evolved out of this movement. • Romantic movement; loved green fields, natural, not cement, simple rural life, not complex urban life. • Global warming, global standards. • Copenhagen conference: wanted to establish binding legal obligations with co2 emission, the • Co2 limits impose limits on economical development. Eco – house (reminds us that this world is our home and that everything in our home is interrelated) ie, people in america get hooked on hamburger, thanks to mcdonalds, creates a demand for beef, then there is a big ranching business in latin america Costa rica and Brazil; range = grasslands, get these by clearing forests, but forests are critical for the earth’s atmosphere; so hamburgers or love of it have global consequences cuz the globe is an ecosystem. Independence and interrelatedness • Technological evolution; we all started out as hunter gatherers, in bands, 20-25 people, no impact on the environment cuz they were not farmers, they gather stuff, hunt meat, so their impact was negligible. Intermediate stage; horticultural societies – farming, this begins to have an impact on the environment, began in Iran/iraq around that area. Farming is pre-conditioned for towns; pastoralism, taming animals, Oxes, horses, dogs, cats have all been domesticated; we also have agricultural societies using animal drawn plows. Rousseau – the noble savage’ they exploited the environment as much as they could actually it’s only that they went as far as their technology could take them. Faowl ..; then came the industrial revolution, we get engines and we get fossil fuel, the D word is Drilling – the ultimate sin, been by and large abandoned, urbanisation, dams used for hydro-electric power, fossil fuel: coal, natural gas and petroleum ; we become a throwaway society, buy things then chuck them out, also called conspicuous consumption, goes along with conspicuous waste. • They focus on capitalism, bad as it leads to the degradation of envrio, communism major pollutants, churnogul – a plant that blew up. Rivers in eastern germany. • Earth is resilient • Exxon Valdez; ship ran around and dumped millions of tons of oil and there was a cleanup and the area recovered • Cassandra • Donella Meadows: 1. rate of pop growth 2. amount of arable land, 3. Industrial and food production, 4. pollutants released • Mesanthropic: environmentalists don’t like people because they over populate the planet • Projects to end of 21 1. rapidly consuming non-renewable SLIDE 7 SOCIO Notes (Lecture) Jenna Davis • Mesantrophy; a dislike for people, border on genocide. • Modern day Cassandra; a greek goddess who could predict the future. Modern environmental movement are hostile of material wealth. Averice; the apocalypse, big similarities and religion • Certain thins are finite, malthusian pessimist, earth is finite while population growth is infinite. The best way to curb population growth is through wealth. Canada achieves population growth; donella meadows in 1972: the limits of growth. Developed computer model. • We’re not running out of resources, we’re running short of cheap resources (arab oil vs. alberta) SLIDE 8 SLIDE 9 SLIDE 10 SLIDE 11 • projects to the end of 21 : 1. rapidly consuming non-renewable resources, 2. hunger will persist by 2050 famine, 3. depleted resources will cripple industrial growth. • Many policies are not thought through until their full conclusion: energy-saving lightbulbs. • Planned obsolescence means that products are engineered to self-destruct. Disposable consumption; 80% of waste is burned, recycled, landfill – they can pollute ground water; many things in landfills don’t decompose. • Desalinization plant takes the salt out and makes it safe for drinking. • Global consumption has increased since 1950 considerably; ground water. Tameul nadu, aquifer, … • You cannot export water for commercial purposes to the States, and if you do you cannot stop; many people in China drink contaminated water; Montezuma revenge, an Aztec emperor you get this disease if you drink Mexican tap water. SLIDE 12 • Carcinogen: a substance that causes cancer; cancer rates are falling yet it is being promoted that pesticides are carcinogenic. • Irlick claims that by 1980 the average life span would drop to 42, but now it is 77 (said this in 1970) • Silent Spring 1962, when carsons first published this, the enviro modern movement was young. This movement has been around for a long time by conservationist (wilderness) argued that because of the widespread use of pesticides, DDT, was killing off all bird life and back in those days it was wildly used she insisted that it was a carcinogen for humans called it the elixir of death for birds and for humans. It would eventually killed 1 in 4 people of cancer. There were no scientific studies before this to back this up. The argument was made very effectively anyway by a lobby group. Associated with the thinning of eggshells (small impact) but after 50 years of research, no evidence has turned up that DDT causes cancer but what is the significance of DDT – it is the most effective killer of mosquito which passes on malaria. Cause tens of millions of deaths in st the 21 century. Discovered by Paul Mueler – awarded the nobel prize for the discovery of DDT. This is new miracle drug it absolutely obliterated mosquitoes. In 1955, malaria SOCIO Notes (Lecture) Jenna Davis was eradicated in America. Doesn’t get as far north as Canada; by 1955, no more malaria in the states and south euro (italy) tens of millions of lives were saved. The substance was banned because of a heavy campaign in the absence of evidence. Many countries began to ban it after the America did it, even third world countries ridden with mosquitoes egged on by environment, India did not. Especially countries in Africa, millions of people died. SLIDE 13 SLIDE 14 SLIDE 15 SOCIO Notes (Lecture) Jenna Davis LEC: Deviance and Crime SLIDE 1 SLIDE 2 SLIDE 3 SLIDE 4 SLIDE 5 SLIDE 6 SLIDE 7 • Prohibition era; crime boomed; • Entrapment – undercover police officer, ppl approach him and then ask him for drugs, then gives the seller (cop) the money and then gets busted SLIDE 8 - White collar crimes are very very expensive. 40 times more than is stolen than in common/street crimes - Ex. Embezzlement is stealing money from the company you work for. - White collar crimes are committed by educated people; educated crimes - Insider trading; some people get caught, Publicly traded firm, people can buy stocks. The owner cannot buy its own stocks however, he can pay someone else to buy a lot of it and then the prices of the stocks go up and then he gets back his money - Jefferey skilling – norton, the right hand man of the guy who passed away… - Martha stewart: - Conrad black: - Burney madoff stole 50 billion dollars; got 150 years - Ponzi (an italian immigrant who pulled this off many years ago) pyramid, people will invest in this madoff fund, he pays you that 10% by getting more money from other investors; came crumbling down as a result of the sub-prime mortages - Italians get a bad rap for organized crime. Organized crime is an ethnic group venture by all, at some point or another. Irish had their time too near the waterfront. Gang warfare ensued, and the irish lost, 1930 and 40s, jews got involved, meyers – money laundering, let’s say you are importing cocaine from costa rica, you got all the money, what are you gonna do with it? “wash it”, hide it in investments, open a store as a front, or put it in a swiss account. Laundering requires high-level financial skills. Because what can happen is the bank can go bust and all your money will be lost - Russian, very sophisticated; japan, chinese, vietnamese, jamaican, columbian (coke) – drug cartels, pablo escobar (billionaire); opium from afghanistan; out-law bikers (caucasian) hells angels the bggest one, has chapters - Vagabonds were outcasts in midieval england.; -
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