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Chapter 13- Work- MIDTERM including lecture, textbook, and selected terms notes.

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Chapter 13 Work MIDTERMSelected TermsManchesterfirst big manufacturing city Industrializing The Bunkhouse Man resource extraction by Edmund Ideology manchesturism laissez faire leave the Bradwin Place where workers lived ex miners etc markets alone dont interefere 18201860 production immigrants from china and europe Lived in workcamps in industrial went up 300 Transcontinental Karl Polanyi Wildcats unauthorized strike Illegal strike in order to Medium of Exchange when you have exchange money go on strike you have to go through a process is involved Essential service ex police firefighters or bus driversWestern miners formed the revolutionary socialist InKind Exchanges Exchanges were inkind exchanges partyunion governed by customary equivalence means ex a bushelof wheat is five chickens Basically exchanges where you Strikes dont use money Species Being Marx new form of work doesnt allow Commodity Labour commodities landthis is why we people to achieve creative flavour go into labour markets as a career People will buyyour labourservices power Commodities is products Urban Proletariat manufactured Humanism Staples Irish Potato Famine 1850 Irish depend on the Intrinsic gratification work should be performed for its potato raw materials aka staples or manufacturing own sake The work in itself is rewarding and fulfilling itgives people the sense of intrinsic gratification of Welland Trent and Rideau Canals Canada engaged in working Craftsmen owned their own tools products mega transportation projects Canal system was built and raw materials Ex clean work environment called the Welland Canal to transport They carried supervision etc barges which carried bulked goods Rideau Canal is inOttawa Trent Canal in Ontario 1840 ish Lots of irish Extrinsic gratification not directly related to work labour and chinese labour You need mass related tasks ex job benefits opportunities of transportation system to have mass production promotion security good pay etc tangible motivationInfrastructure Job Discretion aka responsibilityidea that people Deindustrialization have their own plan never fixed but fluid Rariff basically if you can control yourjobplan Craft Guilds 1911 Taylor changes this Division of Labour more specialized work thus more Scientific Management division in labour adam smith wealth of nation booksmith talks about the manufacturing of pinsneedles Separation between planning and implementation now ththis is in 18 century scotland One worker made the managers plan and workers carry out managers plan complete deal standards of efficiency of work came in before it was vice versa and narrowing division of labour Now 20 workersmakes the deal Basically 20 people made the entire pin Self Actualization Maslow to aspire to become selfactualized Workers could develop self when their jobs
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