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CHAPTER 19: ON BEING SANE IN INSANE PLACES David L. Rosenhan Deviance: Recognized violation of social norms Since there are a variety of social norms that dictate human behaviour, there are numerous behaviours that can be considered deviant Whether a person is labelled deviant or not depends on how others perceive, define, and respond to that persons behaviour In this article, Rosenhan explores social deviance of mental illness and the consequences of labelling people sane or insane Benedict (1934): sanity and insanity are not universal; what is considered abnormal according to one culture may be viewed as normal in another culture; thus, notions of normality and abnormality may not be as accurate as people believe they are Sanity and insanity are therefore less substantive that people perceive them to me The view has grown that psychological categorization of mental illness is useless, harmful, misleading, and pejorative psychiatric diagnoses are in the minds of the observers and are not valid summaries of characteristics displayed by the observed If however, the distinction between the sane and insane is clear, then the context should not matter e.g., if we put a normal person, with no history of abnormality, in a psychiatric hospital, we should be able to distinguish them as sane right away This article describes such an experiment: eight sane people gained secret access to twelve different psychiatric hospitals Eight pseudopatients: a psychology graduate in his 20s; three psychologists, a paediatrician, a psychiatrist, a painter and a house wife (three women, five men) The hospital staffs were not aware of the pseudopatients The pseudopatients described their symptoms as hearing voices that said empty, hollow, and thud other than these symptoms, falsifying name, vocation, and employment, no further alterations of person, history, or circumstance were made the pseudopatients explained their life histories exactly as they had occurred Upon entering the psychiatric wards, the patients acted completely normally Upon being discharged, except for one pseudopatient with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, all the rest were labelled as schizophrenia in remission thus, it is
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