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for the final this april 27th, the mapping and social landscapes notes and key points/description

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon
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(1) Chap. 24, Domhoff, "Who Rules America?" pages 257-268
The corporation leaders,and more rich and influential people have access to these social
clubs, such as, yacht clubs…. Most people do not even go there or enjoy it they are just
there because its a sign of status, rich people do business there. Also people are geared to
be of a different kind of people from birth, the schools they go to are private or prestigious,
they are graded differently and try to instill a behavior or way of living, and then
subsequently they all go to ivy league unis and most of the positions these students fill are
in law, business(marketing…accountants…) and doctoring. When it comes for kids they are
socialized in specific clubs, like dancing which teach manners and ability to behave in a
proper way. Most kids never step foot in a public school. Back to the SOCIAL CLUBS-
people who go to one prestigious club likely belong to another, and 1-2 percent of members
are also members to clubs on the other side of the country. Also getting in the club is damn
near impossible, firstly having money is not enough, you must have status power, and be
liked or nominated by the members..out of (in some cases), as few as 3 members can not
want you..and you are not allowed membership.
Woman rise to power- junior league- pushed woman to go to uni and get educated, as result
they took over business, wealthy woman on the rise as opposed to poor or middle class
Debutants were key, woman of age, comes out is ready for marriage, started dying out 70s back to normal, most do it for tradition, because grandparents find it
Marriages important to stay within class otherwise believed to fall apart.[ BACK TO
DEBUTANTE- they were made to get people to see marriage eligibles. ]- e.g. there are
singles only clubs, and others which are hard to get into..making high class mixing easy.
(2) Chap. 35, Mills, "Power Elite" pages- 399-406
There are three types of elites that Mills states are key and most important
1. Corporate elite 2. Military elite 3. Small political elite
According to Mills all of these three elites make up the POWER ELITE. They work together,
and unlike before when they were all separate, now they work together and influence one
another in strong ways. And sometimes leaders part of one elite can be a part of another.
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