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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

On Being Sane In Insane Places by: David Rosenhan (Crime and Deviance) Social deviance of mental illness and the consequence of labeling people sane or insane It is hard to define what sanity, or insanity are because of the conflicting data 1934 Benedict suggested that normality and abnormality are not universal- dependent on culture The judgement of psychiatrists are often harmful and misleading, because they are form the perspective of the observer and are not valid summaries of characteristics displayed by the observed Normality (or abnormality) should always be distinguishable, not just within the context that its found Experiment: 8 Sane people were admitted to different hospitals for people who are insane They lied and said they heard same sex voices that were unclear- this typically represents the perceived meaninglessness of ones life Other than lying about their name, vocation, and occupation, everything else was true (relationships with parents, children, spouses) and they stopped simulating symptoms as soon as they were admitted Once they entered the hospital, they had no knowledge of when they would be released, and therefo
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