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SOCA02H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Universal History, Calvinism, Conspicuous Consumption

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Max Weber
Notes from the Lecture
This reading argues that religion drives social change
Durkheim argues that religion is social stability
But Weber says it drives social change and economic change
Early Protestantism, Calvinism, Puritanism the first settlers in NA
oCalvinism and Puritanism created capitalism
oAlso changed cultural values in connection with accumulation
Prior to Calvinism, he said ideas on accumulation were negative and hostile
Jains were left with business activity in China and India therefore China and
India are successful in business
In India, Europe, China, and Japan, there were merchants and business was
practiced. They were financial people (financier and moneyman).
Capitalism is the rational organization of labour
oGet the biggest bank from the buck, most effective way can increase
Workers are free to come and go
Free labour allows the corporation to use resources in the most efficient way
Capitalism also segregates household from business
Rational bookkeeping
oPrior to capitalism double entry bookkeeping
oWebber says early Protestantism increase rational bookkeeping
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Sociology, experimentation, mathematics are used to see how the society works
Rationalization feeds back capitalization
Rationalization in law law becomes set up in such way to protect property
oRationalized in England
Religion created rationality
Calvinism operated: people could only be sure if they were saved that their salvation
was sure (state of grace, selected to go to heaven) by being blessed with success in
oUniform hostility in business disappears when Calvinism comes along
People see themselves as being saved. They wont go to hell, will go to
Wasting time becomes a deadly sin if they know their salvation
is sure.
oCalvinism gains religious
Lazy people will go to hell not keeping themselves busy
Asceticism self-denial and self-control; discipline
oExample: need to practice self-control and discipline to achieve better marks
Athletes practice it
Asceticism was primarily monastic
oMonastic catholic monoesters (highly ascetic)
Webber says asceticism in medieval was wasted (otherworldly)
oMeant to have no worldly significance
Asceticism is found in all cultures; just expressed differently
Asceticism is practiced by Calvinists in other worldly sense
Asceticism was bought into this world and was used in calling (a business activity)
Calvinists were ascetic didnt spend their money on themselves and luxuries, no
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