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Protestant Ethic - Notes from the book and the lec

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mc Kinon

THE PROTESTANT ETHIC AND THE SPIRIT OF CAPITALISM Max Weber Notes from the Lecture This reading argues that religion drives social change Durkheim argues that religion is social stability But Weber says it drives social change and economic change Early Protestantism, Calvinism, Puritanism the first settlers in NA o Calvinism and Puritanism created capitalism o Also changed cultural values in connection with accumulation Prior to Calvinism, he said ideas on accumulation were negative and hostile Jains were left with business activity in China and India therefore China and India are successful in business In India, Europe, China, and Japan, there were merchants and business was practiced. They were financial people (financier and moneyman). Capitalism is the rational organization of labour o Get the biggest bank from the buck, most effective way can increase productivity Workers are free to come and go Free labour allows the corporation to use resources in the most efficient way Capitalism also segregates household from business Rational bookkeeping o Prior to capitalism double entry bookkeeping o Webber says early Protestantism increase rational bookkeeping
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