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18 Dec 2011

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Advantages y people may speak more candidly alone y one-on-one interaction allows for multiple probing y possible to explore great meaning. Disadvantages y time-consuming y other individuals may speak less candidly when interacting with researcher alone y. Interviewer effect is higher than in focus groups. If a wide variety of perspectives on a topic is anticipated, more groups may be necessary. In comparison to field research, more participants can be studied in less time. In comparison to survey interviewing, qualitative interviews are often time consuming and hard to obtain. Interaction between researcher and respondent has the potential to affect data gathered. Individuals are seldom selected through probability sampling findings are idiosyncratic. In comparison to field research, interviewing imposes a somewhat artificial setting of questions and answers. In-depth understanding of social phenomena and subtle nuances in attitudes and behaviours y y flexibility y relatively inexpensive y validity y comprehensive measures which tap into great depth of meaning y.

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