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7 Feb 2017

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Possible titles of books we may come across in a bookstore. Failing our kids: how we are ruining public education. There are a number of things we should consider: The purpose of it would be a source of refinement - culturally. Current times: most of us and our parents believe that post-secondary education is a necessity. In canada, most ppl have post secondary education. 1960s-70s - we had a 30-50% drop out rate in high school. Higher education seen as pre-requisite for a successful adult life. The more successful the education system has become, the more critical we are of it. As its become more important & integral to everyday life, its generated more controversy. We will be studying how sociologists have made connections b/w education & society through the ideas of: Educational system channels students into diff kinds of schools & programs within those schools. When schools & programs are designated as high or low level.

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