SOCB50H3 Study Guide - Demonic Possession

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26 Nov 2010

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Prescientific period: before the great transition to rationalism and science (the englightenment) in the late 17th century. N myths: the earliest sacred stories illustrated the character of deviance and warned ppl about the consequences of excessive control / deviance. N before the enlightenment brought science, rationality and a bound reality, ppl understood life in terms of. N myths, folklore, parables, and stores j described experiences and explained them in a nonscientific way. Ethical msg of every major religion is supported by collections of historical or mythical tales which various kinds of offences agains powers of creations happen. N deviants are expelled from the garden, turned into pillars of salt or condemned to perform external tasks. Temptation and its consequences are central to many stories of this kind (eve and the apple) Secular or magical stores also reinforce cultural images of deviance and control.

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