SOCB54H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Social Capital, Job Satisfaction

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5 Nov 2016

Document Summary

Mortimer explains the present-day prolonged transition to adulthood, occupational structure & the economy. She also explains the present-day more individualized and variable life trajectories youth undergo in comparison to youth in prior generations. The status attainment" school"s emphasis on the importance of education for occupational outcomes. In the us, 70% of us school graduates enter higher education. In this individuality, transition to career is more difficult: those with more capital" are the ones most likely to succeed. Trends in the experience of employment through school-work transition. Shifts in employment have altered the experience of work. Recent cohorts enter labour force encounter opportunities & constraints that reflect the effects of globalization, technological innovation & rapid occupational change. Workers likely to experience multiple job & occupational changes with need for re-tooling to remain viable. Heightened competition has led to outsourcing & downsizing as well as non-standard employment contracts.