SOCB58H3 Study Guide - Kathy Griffin, Union Busting, Mental Disorder

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Published on 10 Jul 2012
The Corporation: Documentary
Professor’s Notes:
A legal person that has no responsibilities, but all the benefits persons get
The metaphor used in the film was that corporations were being compared to the behavior
of an individual with a mental disorder; if a person did the behaviors of corps, they would
be identified as someone with a mental disorder
Evidence of the harms of corps- the imagery of deformed animals, and the harmed
biosphere, global tragedies make businessmen feel happy because it raises prices of
commodities; the interview of the Nike president never going to Indonesia, home of the
sweat shops that pay very little wages to the young sweatshops workers, children being
targeted as marketing objects due to their undeveloped decision making
The privatization of land, air and other essentials by “good” people would be beneficial
to us
When multinationals wages start to go up in a certain country, they move their labor
shops to other countries
Chomsky says if an institution is known as monstrous, then no matter how nice the CEO
is the actions of him/her is monstrous as well
My notes:
Thesis of the movie is a paradox: Corporations can cause much benefit to society, but
also create hidden harms
Old corporations from the 20th century were serving the public good, such as building
bridges, but nowadays they are purely profit driven
Civil war and Industrial revolution started the creations of corporations; manufacturing
and banking, constraints needed to be removed to create more power to corporation
Corporations were seen as a living entity and seen as individuals, “a legal person”; ex. it
can buy and sell, it can sue and be sued
Corporations are persons with no morals, and are only for their stockholders and not their
stakeholders, like the community; only about making profits
Moore says there are corps that create good for the community, but the problem is
sometimes corps will keep pursuing money, nothing is enough
Corporations are designed to be efficient machines to deliver results now and do it at any
cost; an emotionless machine
Corps make problems for workers, union busting, low wages, sweatshops
Ironic how Kathy Griffin brand says a proceed of the money from her sales goes to
children, but sweatshops that make clothes for her brand are children
Nike breaks down tasks into thousandths of seconds and researchers find that these
laborers make 8 cents an hour
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