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Week 7

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Emily Fountas

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Mickey Mouse Monopoly Documentary
The Walt Disney Company is a powerful force in creating childhood culture all over
the world
Disneys massive success is based on images of innocence, magic, and fun endorsed
by parents
and teachers, and are enthusiastically embraced by children.
Disney has made a spectacle of innocence. It hides behind innocence in a way that
allows it to separate corporate culture from corporate power
Media conglomeration raises fundamental concerns about its impact on democracy.
Because enormous conglomerates like Disney own so much of the media, they
exercise unprecedented control over the images and messages were exposed to
oThe result is that were presented with a very limited world view, skewed and
dominated by corporate interests
Disney has monopolized the market on how it represents itself
oVery concerned about policing its image, policing its representations
Encoded in media images are ideologies about how we think about the world, belief
systems, and constructions of reality. We develop notions of reality from the cultural
mechanisms around us
oThe media socializes us with an array of images, stereotypes, belief systems
about race, class, gender
Image of females in Disney rarely changes (even in animal form)
oHighly sexualized female body big breasts, tiny waist, fluttering eyelashes,
the seductress
oPresents people with a notion of what femininity is about
oGirls learn to use their body to manipulate men into getting what they want
(e.g. Aladdin)
Reoccurring theme: however strong or powerful a female character may be, she still
needs to be rescued by a male
oFemales lack the ability to save their own lives
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