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Midterm Vocab + Def

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ann Mullen

Chapter 1 (week 1) Replication Repetition of a research study in order to either confirm the findings of previous order to either confirm the findings of a pervious study or bring them into question Theory Systematic explanation for observation that relate to a particular aspect of life: juvenile delinquency, for ex> or perhaps social stratification or political revolution Attribute Characteristic of people or things Variables Logical groupings of attributes. Variable gender is made up of attributes malefemale Idiographic An approach to explanation in which we seek to exhaust the idiosyncratic causes of a particular condition or event. Imagine trying to list all reasons why you chose to attend your particular university. Given all those reasons, its difficult to imagine your making any other choices Nomothetic Approach to explanation in which we seek to identify a few causal factors that generally impact a class of conditions or events. Imagine 2 or 3 key factors that determine which universities students choose, such as proximity, reputation, and so forth Induction Logical model in which general principles are developed from specific observations. Having noted that ex> Jews and Catholics are more likely to vote Liberal than Protestants are, you might conclude that religious minorities in Canada are more affiliated with the Liberal party and explain why. Deduction Logical model in which specific expectations of hypotheses are developed on the basis of general principles. Ex> Starting from the general principle that all deans are meanies, you might anticipate that this one wont let you change courses. Chapter 9 Respondent Person who provides data for analysis by responding to a survey questionnaire Questionnaire Document containing questions and other types of items designed to solicit information appropriate to analysis. Questionnaires are used primarily in survey research but also in experiments, field research, and other modes of observation Bias Quality of measurements devices that tends to result in a misrepresentation of what is being measured in a particular direction Contingency question Survey question intended for only some respondents, determined by their responses to some other question. Ex> all respondents might be asked whether they belong to the Cosa Nostra and only those who said yes would be asked how often they go to company meetings and picnics. The latter would be a contingency question Response rate a.k.a: completion rate; # of people participating in a survey divided by # selected in sample, in form of percentage. In self-administered curveys, a.k.a return rate: % of questionnaires sent out that are returned Interview Data-collection encounter in which one person asks questions of another. Interviews may be conducted face-to-face or by telephone Probe Technique employed in interviewing to solicit more complete answer to
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