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SOCB05 Fall 2012 Final Exam Review Questions 1) Describe each of the pre-experimental designs below. Briefly note the problems associated with such designs. A) One-shot case study B) One-group pretest posttest C) Static-group comparison 2) List the main features of the classic experimental design. What does the Solomon 4- group design add to this, and why is the Solomon 4-group design useful? 3) Define each of the following approaches to assigning subjects to experimental and control groups in a social experiment. What are the pros and cons of each approach? A) Randomization B) Matching 4) Define internal invalidity in social experiments and give at least 4 examples of sources of internal invalidity. Define external invalidity in social experiments. 5) Define each of the qualitative research methods listed below. Two or more of these data collection methods are often used in conjunction, so make sure you understand the distinction between them. Describe the pros and cons of each one (relative to one another or relative to survey methods). A) In-depth interviews B) Oral histories C) Focus group discussions D) Ethnography/ participant observation 6) Describe each of the following frameworks for conducting and analyzing qualitative research. A) Grounded theory B) Extended case method C) Institutional ethnography 1 D) Participatory action research 7) Define each of the three approaches to conducting unobtrusive research listed below. List the pros and cons associated with the first two. A) Analysis of existing statistics B
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