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Intergenerational relationship: Mother and Daughter Interview Guide Part I: introduction part 1. What year were your born?And where? 2. How old was your mother when she gave birth to you? Her ethnicity? Her employment status? Part II: relationship during the early childhood Harmony: 3. Insofar as you remember, how did your mother take care of you when you were very young, say, before 6 years old? Probes: On average, how much time did she spend with you every day? What things did she usually do for you in everyday life? How did she teach you new things? Just tell me some things on which you have still impressions right now (i.e., new words, dressing yourself, how to tie shoelaces…). 4. Insofar as you remember, how much did you rely on your mom when you were very young, say, before 6 years old? Probes: Just tell me some things impressing you. For example, what did you do when you got into trouble? How did you feel about it when your mom left for a while? To what extent would you like to share your thoughts with your mom? Dissonance: 5. Just now we talked about the harmonious side of your mother-and-daughter relationship during your childhood, and now we are concerned with the other side. Had you ever done anything that upset your mom before 6 years old? 6. What did she usually do when she felt upset about you? 7. What was the matter that impressed you most in this regard? 8. On the other hand, had your mom ever done anything that disappointed or upset you? 9. If so, how did your mom and you solve that finally? 10. To what extent do you think these things influenced the relation
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