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Ping- Chun Hsiung

Sociology and Gender Readings 1 White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Peggy McIntosh denials protect male privilege from being fully acknowledged, lessened or ended. since hierarchies in our society are interlocking, there was most likely a phenomenon of white privilege that was similarly denied and protected Had learnt others were disadvantaged, not that she was advantaged whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege, as males are taught not to recognize male privilege Whites are taught to think of their lives as morally neutral, normative, and average and also ideal, so that when we work to benefit others, this is seen as work that will allow them to be more like us. In proportion as my racial group was being made confident, comfortable, and oblivious, other groups were likely being made unconfident, uncomfortable, and alienated. Whiteness protected me from many kinds of hostility, distress and violence, which I was being subtly trained to visit, in turn, upon people of colour Power for unearned privilege can look like strength when it is in fact permission to escape or to dominate do not see whiteness as a racial identity Since racism, sexism, and heterosexism are not the same, the advantages associated with them should not be seen as the same Oppression; both active forms, which we can see, and embedded forms, which as a member of the dominant group is taught not to see I was taught to recognize racism only in individual acts of meanness by members of my group, never in invisible systems conferring unsought racial dominance on my group from birth www.notesolution.com
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