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Sociology and Gender Readings 11 What I Learned from the Montreal Massacre- Marc Lepine and Me- Peter Eglin Marc Lepine intended his actions to be a roadblock; took arms up against the champions of womens right to equality, namely feminists He saw in the women engineering students an exemplary caseof women challenging boundaries Used ethnomethodology to examine versions of his actions What extent was author a roadblock to equality, like Mark Lepine What this man learned from his encounter with Lepine was (1) that making out the culprit as deviant relieves one of his responsibility (2) that demonizing the complainant leaves the problem unaddressed while encouraging extremists (3) that theres a troubling moral-emotional economy ofto sociological analysis (4) that reifying gender categories is good intellection preparation for terrorism AN ELABORATED ACCOUNT OF COMING TO TAKE UP THE QUESTION Women were killed because they were treated as instances of a category; feminists Women were killed because they were perceived as human rights activists Murders were political killings Was not retail terrorism LESSON 1; MAKING OUT THE CULPRIT AS DEVIANT RELIEVES ONE OF HIS RESPONSIBILITY Parallel between panty raid and massacre; cultural practice of making-out-the- culprit-as-deviant A few bad crops took it too far by the blood and shit brigade on the panties LESSON 2; DEMONIZING THE COMPLAINANT LEAVES THE PROBLEM INADDRESSED WHILE ENCOURAGING EXTREMISTS Its no accident that the Montreal murderer blamed feminists for his troubles, that feminist and feminism have become demonized, and feminism has turned into a dismissive insult, all the feminist issues are marginalized LESSON 3: THERES A TROUBLING MORAL-EMOTIONAL ECONOMY OFTO SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS www.notesolution.com
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