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Ping- Chun Hsiung

SG Readings Week Nov 2 The Influence of Physical and Sexual Abuse on Marriage and Cohabitation- Cherlin, Burton, Hurt, Purvin Both sets of data suggest that women who have been physically or sexually abused are substantially less likely to be married or to be in stable, long-term cohabiting relationships. The data also suggest that the timing and different forms of abuse may have distinctive associations with union formation Women who have experienced abuse beginning in childhood, particularly sexual abuse, are less likely to be in sustained marriages or stable cohabiting relationships and instead are more likely to experience transitory unions: multiple short-term, mostly cohabiting unions Our central claim is that, for many women, the experiences of physical abuse and sexual abuse influence intimate relations in ways that reduce the likelihood of stable, long-term unions Physical and sexual abuse may affect union formation in several ways. Exposure to physical abuse by intimate partners in adulthood can create a wariness about relationships with men that leads women to be cautious about making long- term commitments or to avoid relationships altogether At the same time, physical and sexual abuse beginning in childhood can predispose women toward more frequent sexual unions and multiple, transient relationships, some of them abusive Background timing of abuse-whether it occurred in childhood, adulthood, or in both periods-and the form of abuse-whether it was sexual or physical-were strongly related to distinctive union patterns Childhood Abuse childhood sexual abuse is more common in one-parent families; carried out by family members or friends of parents combined effects of domestic violence exposure and child maltreatment are more severe than either alone
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