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Ping- Chun Hsiung

Week 8:(article 1) The Influence of Physical andSexual Abuse on Marriage an d Cohabitation: - Across all social clses, Americansare more likey l to cohabit priorto and aftermarriage, marry at older ages, diorce more, never marry at all,and have childr en outside of marirage compared to a half-century ago. - The decline of mar riage asa social institution haseen greatest among low-income p opulations, and particularly mong African Americans . ABUSEINCHILDHO ODANDADULTH OOD:ISSUESOFTIMINGANDFORM: CHILDHOODABU SE: - It is difficult to i ate accurately the ercentage ofwomen who exp erience physicalor sexual abuse. - Childhood sexual abusedoe not seem o t vary accordingto family income, rac e or ethnicity, although there isevidence that it ismore common a mong children in sing le parent families. - Most of the abuse iscarried out by family membersor friends of parents. - In addition to diret sexual abuse or physical abuse, children can suffer svere long-term effects from witnessing adu lt domestic voi lence and sexual buse within their families. - Although exposureto domes-ticviolence has beenfound to have a ds itinct traumaticimpact separate from die r ct abuse of e child, reseach indicates that the combinedeffects of domestic violenc e exposure and chid l maltreatmen t are more sever e than eitheralone. ConsequencesofChildAu bse: - Extensive researchliterature suggests that ha ving been sexuallyabused as a childcan have pro- found long-term cons equences for an adults sexual behavior and inti ate relationships. - The seriousness of theconsequencesisass ociated with factors such as the number of incidents, the severity and duration of the incidenst, and the ageof the child during theincidents. - Traumatic sexual e xperiences can porduce inappropria te sexual behaviorand feelings of betray- al, lack of trust, andowerlessness. - Theycan produce lae t r-life sequelsuch as low elf-image, depressoin, and no clear sense of boundaries betwe en oneself and othe rs. - In adolescence an d adulthood, the se conditions canlead to early onsetof sexual activity, rkier sexual activity, andmultiple partners. - Thus, women whowere sexually abused a s children may ha ve more frequen t sexual encounters and relationships form which they deriv e less satisfaciton than other omen. - Childhood sexual abusehas been linkedo t relationship difficulties, such as disst of others and discomfort with se xual intimacy. - Intrusive thoughts and d efensiveness resulting from abuse can preventthe formationof close relationships. - The relationship difficlties associated with childood sexual abuse w ould seem to be m ore consistent with frequen t, short-term unions than withlong-term uno i ns. - The literature on the consequencesof child-hood physc ial abuse suggests a diffse array of potential difficulties,including depession,aggressvie behavior, and a dmi inished capaci-tyfor intimacy and trust. www.notesolution.com
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