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Dan Silver

October 24 Lecture The structure of the Communist Manifesto: 1. Ode to the bourgeoisie feudalism to capitalism 2. Tragedy of the bourgeoisie proletariat: The bourgeoisie create their own grave diggers who are the proletariats, because they are able to create private property they will end up creating a world that destroys private property which they are 3. Proletarian comedy communism: The communist manifesto is a comedy Classical meaning of comedy : Anything with a happy ending. Comedies have a hope for a resolution Classical meaning of Tragedy: Because you are doing everything right, you are destroyed All societies are defined by their classes and these classes are always at war with each other The rise of the Bourgeoisie: 1. Feudal mode of production - Exploded by the discovery of America 2. Rise to political power - The bourgeoisie gain power 3. Revolutionary character - As the bourgeoisie grow they become revolutionary, they are taking down the ideologies of people who think that they are powerful because they get it from supreme ruler but it is because these people are rich 4. Cosmopolitan/globalizing- This constant ability to want to change your situation and thinking of everything as temporary leads to capitalism, which makes us able to acquire goods from places all over the world 5. Massive urbanization - People moving into the cities 6. Centralization- All these points lead up to this. You are able to give an order and have it happen all across the world. The rise of the Proletariats They are people who work for wages and they have no properties, al they have is themselves and their own labour, they are created by the needs of the property owners .They are destined to overthrow the bourgeoisie who are the property owners. 1. Capital accumulation will expand- ex. The top 74 richest Americans have the wealth of the bottom 19 million people 2. Class unity and consciousness - They will not become revolutionary until they feel that they are all in it toget
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