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October 3, 2013 SOCB42 Week 5 EDUCATION and Smith  Free market education  They were learning morality- not to live the best life but how to leave a life that leaves to heaven- however they were good for becoming a priest however smith thought that this was a terrible way of teaching young men to live their life  The idea system for smith was the Ancient system!!  He believes that rich people should pay for their own education  Problems of DOL in commercial society o Make you stupid: pg.987 laziness of mind, dumb, a simplified job also simplifies your mind m o Encourages a decline in public spirit  Spend all day doing the same thing and you are concerned with one thing. Don’t have a time to think about what is around you o Make you into a coward o Makes you weak  You spend 8 hours a day to do one thing and you don’t have the energy to do anything else  You would only be strong at one thing Is there a way to have DOL and have no problems?  The government needs to intervene  Smith though that the best way to do this is to have government provided education for common people  Commercial societies are free society o People are free to do whatever they want o They need to be courageous  Therefore smith says: 1. Freedom requires people need to be courageous  Why ? because people need to exercise their mind and body and be able to defend 2. Freedom requires intelligence a. Educated ppl tend to have more respect because they are less dependent on what other people have to say b. They can express their critical intellect and understand lies and such Ancient Medieval Commercial Topic -Physics -Ontology- the study -Reading -Ethics of ‘being’ -Writing -Music -Pneumatology-the -Geometry -Gymnastics study of ‘spirits’ -Engineering -Athletics Payment Fee Endowment Purpose Being a citizen, To train priest Create problems of courageous, and DOL (division of humane labor) RELIGION  SMITH IS IN FAVOUR of non-established  Hume is atheist o He thought when you have freedom of religion it encourages people to become active o This gets everyone worked up and that is dangerous o Instead if u have established religion you will have an establish person in power and a priest o It is a law and you HAVE to be in that region. o It would promote stability and less harm  Smith disagrees!! Established Non-established Origins Political Faction Impartial Energy Low- weaken the energy of High- no government saying the party (won’t have to go whos supposed to follow out and recruit new people) what. You can get people to join your religion Interest of religion Absolute authority Purity, morality, converting other people Social danger They become high-b/c once They become low- without u establish a religion you the army behind you its hard have multiple authorities to get everyone a part of one (prince and priest) group. Each religion will have to live with the fact that there are other religions too.  As a sovereign you care a lot about the teachings  You can weaken an established religion by smith : o It can weaken the same way it weakened the barons  Priest start to put their money to themselves and not to their knights o As they become established priest become pigs  People become disappointed in their leader and stop to follow Cultural policy  Smith was the first to think about the cultural policy MARX-ENGELS  Leader of a movement  His father was not a religious person o He thought him poetry reading writing history  He converted and became a protestant  Transferred to the university of berlin o Hagel was one of the greatest philosophers  First person to argue that our ideas of how we treat man and women chan
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