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nov 7th sociology notes after midterm.odt

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Dan Silver

Sociology November 7 Smith - way of understanding what modern society is – if definining that as commercial society – the key change or new way of living is emergence of market, market order, exchange relationships, division of labour, money – pure operation of market order – principle of supply and principle of demand – what else follows from this – what kinds of politics, legal systems, family etc. ? Marx – industarlism, production, capatlism, private poverty capatlism – as mosde of production profit – exploitation, alienation what is religion like and family like in capatlist society Smith – modern commercial society after feudal society Marx – moving through capitalism to communism Tocqueville – democracy – he was an aristocrat – he was part of the nobility – he came from the oldest nobles families in France – tocqueville modern society is the end of the old world rather then the beggining of something new – many postive qualities to premodern world – the aristocratic order - allowed for people to cultivate better parts of themselves – glory, honour, faith, nobility – hard ot be those things in democratic society – he didn't think that it will be possible to stop the coming of the new world – he went oAmerica – which is where he thought he could see emergent democratic way of life in the purist form Democracy is a way of life – the revolution – is increasing equality of conditions – the idea that people are people are more and more similar to one another and that are fewer rank order differences no noble orders or casts – what aristocratic society was – pg. 3 and 4 (bottom of 3 and top of pg
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