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Francisco Villegas

An Overview of the Risks and Protectors for Children of Separation and Divorce • Central components of divorce(these components are more strongly related to child behavioural/emotional difficulties than others); o Absence of non-resident parent o Troubled parent-child relationships o Economic disadvantage o Parental conflict • Financial support might be more helpful than visiting parent o Policies that safeguard divorcees income positively affect child-parent relationship • Inter-parental conflict is regardless of family type (divorced or married) o Programs that help young adults develop better problem solving skills will help avoid or help process a divorce cleanly o Future investment/future parents won’t have high conflict • Programs that help with one risk factor are beneficial because they reduce potency of other risks • Child well being measurement; o Academic achievement o Conduct o Psychological adjustment o Self concept o Social adjustment o Mother child relations o Father child relations • Children from divorced families have lower levels of well being/the effect size is small and is highest in father-child relationships • Methodologically strong studies (used general population) report smaller differences in divorced parents kids versus non divorced parent kids o Boys have more trouble adjusting socially than girls • Kids from divorced families are twice as likely to receive psychological help than children from married families o Many kids bounce back from divorce effects • Prospective study; o Effects prior to divorce could be what causes effect on maladjustment  Growing in up a dysfunctional family  Being exposed to prolonged marital conflict  Adjusting to various changes following divorce • Risk factors o Absence of non resident parent  Types of relationship before speration effects how often non-resident parent sees child • Less for common law relationshios  Contact is greater when child is older  Most adjusted children are those whose families are intact, then those whos non-resident parent is dead then the child whos parents are divorced o Trouble parent child relationships  Divorce=decline in quality of parenting  Evident prior to divorce/stress of marital difficulties indirectly influnenc
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