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UTL-SOCB47 Do Not Disturb-Liladrie • Hotel workers are usually immigrant women of colour o Lowest wage earners o Work-related injury or pain are at alarming rates • Global Cities; Sites where key functions/resources for the management/coordinate of global economic processes are located o Consumptive habits of high-income people generate low income jobs • Social Reproduction/Reproductive Labour; sustaining human activity o Necessary for capitalism but must be kept at low expenses for capitalism to exist o Gendered/racialized labour of migrant women allow “First World” Women into public sphere • Hotels=sites of local reproduction “home away from home” o Increase in amunt of work needed to keep customer satisfied/allows customer to have a good experience  Negatively effects health and well being of workers/cleaning staff • Toronto’s hotels are not dissimiarl to other hotels in terms of racialized cleaning staff but the issues are overshadowed in Toronto by multicultural rhetoric o Racism is seen as an American/European phenomena • Unite Here=labour union o Surveyed employees and many report pain found after being hired and they took pain meds o pain interferes with life actities and routines • increasing workload=an increase in musculoskeletal disorders o worn knee pads, carpal tunnel, harsh chemicals cause rash/bad skin/inhaling smoke from smoking hallways o increase workload comes from understaffing to save money o employees lose money taking days off to recovers/most problems are treatable and preventable • The Healthy Immigrant Effect; transformation of immigrants health following their arrival in receiving country-health becomes similar to Canadian citizens o Only the “best” immigrants are selected via immigration selection to come to Canada therefore they have optimal health o Potential Causes;  Adopting western diet/way of life; smoking, drinking, sexuality  Language/cultural barriers interfere with proper access to health care • Pensions; Older employees get kicked out or get reduced amounts of shifts o Bad/no pension plan o May have to find part time job after retiring o Double disadvantage for immigrants; pensions have residency requirements/accumulating pensions is difficult due to trouble integrating into Canadian labour market • Racialized labour; front staff is white/back staff is black/immigrants o front staff don’t greet cleaning staff o must enter from different doors; front staff can use front doors/cleaning crew cant o applications for higher positions are not looked at if you’re an immigrant/visible minority (skin colour/accents) • Long hours+long transportation o Less time with kids o Less time with partner/fights o No social life/no chance to do hobbies o Pain inturrupts other tasks outside of work • Unions negotiate collective contracts but companies don’t always abide o Employees are positive about benefits package but can’t take advantage due to long hours • Unite Here+Hotel Workers=raise living standards/working conditions Feminist Consumerism and Fat Activists • Dove Campaign; Campaign for real beauty; old/stretch marks/pregnant/fat woman depicted as beautiful • PPPQ; fighting ill clothing for plus sizes o Handed out candy in shopping district and questioned people’s attitudes about being fat • Feminist consumerism; potential to partially disrupt gender norms • Ideologies express degrees of hegemony depending on their ability to reinforce naturalize power hierarchies/material inequalities • Feminist activism critiques beauty standards that repress freedoms promote destructive relationship with the body o Beauty myth prevents women from achieving equality • Social construction that women can use their bodies as empowerment • Fat bodies; asexual, out of control, morally o Not all fat girls want to be thin o Fatness is experienced differently • Seeing feminine beauty as an individual meaning, naïve determinism means women act completely voluntarily minimalizes corporate domination/normalizing power of cultural images • Corporations; key actors in production of beauty ideology-gender inequality o Putting emphasis on appearance of women o Unattainable standards • PPPO builds friendship solidarity o Phat Camp-focused on body image rather than weight loss o Clothing swaps; people got a bag of clothes that’s their size o PPPO does not clearly associate fat and beauty/challenges hegemonic beauty standards  Talks about the difficulties society creates for fat people  Did not prioritize the approval of men-dismantling heternormative gaze • Dove Beauty Campaign (feminist consumerism) o Choseing “regular” people for the ad instead of models o Dove Self Esteem Program  Everyone should feel beautiful o “Fat or Fabulous” billboards that spark conversation while expressing narrow body ideals  Makes challenging the Eurocentric beauty norms seem like a consumer choice rather than a necessary societal change o Feeling beautiful is not up for negotiation but even though the social construction of beauty is contested, the fact that it is so paramount for a woman to be beautiful is legitimized by these campaigns o Contradictory because it promotes self-acceptance-as long as the person purchases the product which adheres to beauty ideals • The command to feel beautiful despite physical characteristics suggests a mind/body spilt –reproduces a paradigm of plasticity • Male gaze is an important determinant in beauty standards; impacts heterosexual women and homosexual men o Male gaze has women feeling confident in themselves/rids them of their doubts o Dove Campaign also uses heteronormative male gaze to help push product • Feminist counterhegemonic activism is challenged by media as being “dead” Feminist Disability Studies • Feminism challenges the belief that femaleness is a natural form of physical and mental deficiency or constitutional unruliness o Feminist disability studies questions the assumptions that disabilities are a flaw, access, or lack. • Disability, it argues, is a cultural interpretation of human variation rather than an inherent inferiority, a pathology to cure, or an undesirable trait to eliminate o Disability is a system of exclusion, stigmatizes human differences o Considers communities/individuals that the disabled bodies have produced o Frames disability as pow
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