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YEAR TWO FALL 1SOCB50 DEVIANCE AND NORMALITY I LECTURE ONEExaminations of the reason behind the def of devianceHow norms etc determine the cause of devianceRegulations of everyday life of what normal isNorms vs space norms vs law Midterm 47 Short answers Final EssayFinding a media ad image in print Deconstruct talk about images and norms LECTURE TWO What is Deviance General illicit a negative reaction disapproval at a specific place timeViolates social norms What is norm Behavior an attribute or an idea that is widely viewed as being acceptable and often desirable at a particular place and timeRelationalproduct of social relations interactions therefore contextualspecific to a specific time and place unstable Two general deviance perspectives with regard to norms not necessarily belonging to one partyObjectivists Positivist WHY o Take social norms as given and natural assume widespread consensus o Take norms as is it is what it iso Interested in why people break norms and how people can be made to conform if natural why break How to fixSubjectivist humanist HOW o Do not take social norms as natural givennorms are a product of social relations o Do not assume widespread consensusacknowledge conflict and dissent o Interested in how norms are constructed and what the consequences are SLUTS NUTS and PERVERTS readingSociologists is obsessed with weirdos outcasts Real damaged done to society is done by powerful people Extreme Subjectivistssociety and deviance is result of conflict over power and resources conflict theorists NormsInternalized normsie gender norms YEAR TWO FALL 2 Can change in a unilinear wayOperate within different interrelated scales micro macroPowerful because internalized in mundane wayswe want to follow norms want to belongChanges dynamico Alcohol mental disease weakness of characterprohibitionaddictiondrunk driving o Smoking general recognitionhealth concerns culturalsocial norms o Masturbation 2030 years agomoral sin weaknessCivic inattentionnorm of in a large group of people in close physical contact without necessarily having relations with them ie Subway bus elevator o ie eye contacthow long you can look without being creepy menacing etco Elevator look at floor ceiling but never speak to othersTechnology cell phones reorganized and made a new line of norms how to act how to live social relations ideas of public privacySexting vague norms fall back on lawChanges in norms that are already in place but reinforced my regulatoryrule changeso SARS awareness of public health wash your handsreinforced norms of cleanliness o Environmentpay for plastic bagscontroversial but now became a norm expectedo Child disciplineteaching vs assaultSpatial point about how norms are not just internalized external but in the environment that we live in everydayThe Panopticon Bentham 1785classrooms mildly based on thiso Designed to stay us in our seat keep our eyes on our profsocial control enforces authority oPanoptic forms a surveillance that is predominant in society o Bentham panoptic prison main idea to be perpetually watched o 23 ever built2 in England one in Scotland o Norms are inscribed in public spaceie bus shelter seatsuncomfortable dont want you to stay longSOCIALLY ENGINEERED o National parks some of the tightly regulated placesmake it look natural risky but still maintain its safety o Regulation of space and its inscription is done in a way so its hard to spot and seems naturalshows external norms What about LawOverlap between laws and norms Relationship complicated paradoxical confusingNorms can change quickly but laws cannotOne could define a central aspect of modern government as being constituted by the field in which the norms and law interact Canada Law Commissions 1972 50 thousand statutory laws that can apply to usHyper lexiso When laws fail can always replace with more lawsie Lying cheating against norms but not illegal ie speeding downloading is the norm but illegalMala in se bad it self widespread consensus Mala Prohibita because the law says so o ie EuthanasiaYEAR TWO FALL 3o Victimless crimeabortion gambling drugs prostitution pornography loitering morality vice offenses o Subjected to TeriJean Bedford and Valerie Scott 2008 challenged prostitution lawso No actual prostitution lawremoved in 1972 o Only left three terms Communicating for the means of prostitution Owning and operating a body house Surviving on the avails of prostitution remains illegal o Challenged harmful to womeno Judge struck down lawsincreased violence in sex workers a menace to women in terms of conditions in which they have to worko Initially said they were void and ineffective for 30 days and wouldve been decriminalized o Feds stepped in appealed judge stayed the original verdict stay in the books still illegal until appeal is over o Results of appeal still pending
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