SOCB51H3 Study Guide - Fashion Accessory

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Published on 14 Apr 2013
Changing experiences of pregnancy across two generations of women
o Medicalisation of motherhood during 20th and early 21st century
o Pregnancy as physical condition in need of medical control
o Pregnancy experienced in the public sphere, where previously it was
considered private
o Increased exposure of pregnant bodies in media, maternity fashions --
pregnancy as a fashion accessory for new generation of moms
o Feminists critisize medicalisation of pregnancy/childbirth…argue that it
disempowers women and submits them to medical control, surveillance and
intervention over what is a natural process
o Surveillance carried out not only by peers but by pregnant woman herself
engage in reflexive practices of risk management , embedded within cultural
ideologies of good and bad motherhood
o Health of unborn child focused on to a great extent women who don’t
follow legally and morally sanctioned behaviour are charged with pre natal
o Pregnancy susceptible to social intervention and control
o Race and class play key role in shaping dominant discourses in what
constitutes good motherhood
o Media plays large role in discourses of good motherhood
o Mothers who deviate from norms open themselves to criticism of their
irresponsibility as a mother
o Extent to which women follow health advice depends on age, education,
social class, number of previous pregnancies
o Parading of celebrity pregnant bodies on magazine covers, adding pressure
to pregnant mothers on body size/shape
o Pregnant women expected to perform pregnancy in certain manner
according to spatial, temporal and cultural context another form of
surveillance where pregnant body becomes internalized in socially
contructed ideals of beauty
o 1970s pregnant women expected to withdraw from public space and hide
their body
o media pressures women to also slim down after pregnancy hard to do
o pregnant body not your own becomes public property - people
touching/commenting on it in a way that’s unacceptable in normal society
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