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Joe Hermer

Changing experiences of pregnancy across two generations of women o Medicalisation of motherhood during 20 and early 21 century o Pregnancy as physical condition in need of medical control o Pregnancy experienced in the public sphere, where previously it was considered private o Increased exposure of pregnant bodies in media, maternity fashions -- pregnancy as a fashion accessory for new generation of moms o Feminists critisize medicalisation of pregnancy/childbirth…argue that it disempowers women and submits them to medical control, surveillance and intervention over what is a natural process o Surveillance carried out not only by peers but by pregnant woman herself – engage in reflexive practices of risk management , embedded within cultural ideologies of good and bad motherhood o Health of unborn child focused on to a great extent – women who don’t follow legally and morally sanctioned behaviour are charged with pre natal abuse o Pregnancy susceptible to social intervention and control o R
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