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SOCB51 I DONT THINK IT WAS SUCH AN ISSUE BACK THEN Changing Experiences of Pregnancy across 2 Generations of Women in South East EnglandIntroIn depth interviews w mothers and their own mothers in London England about the changing thstexperiences and perceptions of pregnancy over the late 20 c and early 21 cParticipants white heterosexual mainly middle classPregnancy is a biological process but exists within social economic political and cultural realms and is both spatially and temporally locatedArgument advances in gender equality maternity benefits technological innovation and mass media have meant that pregnancy is now increasingly experienced in the public sphere thwhereas in the early 20 c it was often relegated to the realm of private or domestic life the article shoes how changes in the labour market media and medical knowledge have influenced womens pregnancies across this time period2 different perspectives o 1 Foucauldian notion of surveillance in relation to medical advice on dietlifestyle during pregnancy o 2 new expectations regarding body image and clothing in the context of the emergence of pregnancy chic and the figure of celebrity mum these two serve as a tool of surveillance form of moral obligation and neoliberal governance over womens bhr in accordance w culturally specific ways of doing pregnancyif the health police carry on pregnant women will be too terrified to breath The Times Magazine in May 2007caused an uproar thst Everincreasing medicalisation of motherhood during the 2021 cent which have constructed pregnancy as a physical condition in need of medical management and controlIt is becoming a public phenomenon where increased visibility and acceptability of the pregnant body in public life workspaces and the mediathe women are being subject to new and expanding forms of insidious social control in the form of expert advice regarding health diet and lifestyleContradictions exist in the perception of preggers women in western culture and w increased freedoms and visibility have come increased pressures and unwritten rules regarding public bhr and appearance MethodologyAim to consider intergenerational changes in experiences of motherhood bw new mothers and their own mothers through issues such as pregnancy diet body image infant feeding practices and medical advice st 1 Phase of Researchinvolved a pilot email questionnaire survey including open and close ended qs people were asked to forward this to mothers aka Snowballing 34 responses were received from mothers ages 2866 not representative sample but provided basis for exploring nd 2 Phase of Researchoneoff in depth interviews lasting bw 45mins and 3hrs w 12 recent mothers and 7 of their own mothers Women were offered the choice of being interviewed separately or in a group Took place in their homes digitally recordedmy self generation aged between 2539 my mother group were aged 5270 1
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