SOCB51H3 : Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by X' ARTICLE

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22 Apr 2012

Document Summary

Socb51 - my word against yours: sexual harassment in the workplace. This is a story about a woman who is getting sexually harassed at work, by her bosseven though she has told him to back off repeatedly, but wont. She is scared to tell her husband as he may be unsupportive and angered this would make her job a source of tension on her marriage. Cant tell friends- too humiliating; other colleagues (that are women) are not talking about it. She feels powerless and doesn"t want to jeopardize her job security. She has a tough case: her word against his, no witnesses and no evidence = no proof this is why she remains anonymous! She is laced into the regulation of pseudo milkmaid bodice that proffers breasts (she is a waitress), and apparently breasts are like pretzels and stimulate customers. Manager = big tits mean big tips .

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