'My Word Against Yours: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by X' ARTICLE

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22 Apr 2012
SOCB51 - My Word against Yours: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
This is a story about a woman who is getting sexually harassed at work, by her boss..even though she
has told him to back off repeatedly, but wont.
She is scared to tell her husband as he may be unsupportive and angered this would make her job a
source of tension on her marriage
Cant tell friends- too humiliating; other colleagues (that are women) are not talking about it
She feels powerless and doesn’t want to jeopardize her job security
She has a tough case: her word against his, no witnesses and no evidence = no proof …this is why she
remains anonymous!
She is laced into the regulation of pseudo milkmaid bodice that proffers breasts (she is a waitress), and
apparently breasts are like pretzels and stimulate customers
Manager = “big tits mean big tips”
A girl got fired before by rejecting a customers friendly grope on her bum and was warned by the
manager, Mr.Needles, that customer is always right
She overheard them say that Linda didn’t have what it took to succeed in the business and the
bartender responded “you don’t want girls like Linda = lesbians, frustrated spinsters bringing down the
tone of the establishment”
One day during down time at work all the waitresses were glued to the TV with a young woman ANITA
HILL, who was claiming Judge Thomas sexually harassed her…put a pubic hair on coke can, boasted his
penis size, described pornographic movies to her
Anita Hill was composed, poised, and not intimidated by the crowd and lights from the cameras this
is almost unwomanly as we are trained to be eager to please (which is why women make good
She claims she had nothing to gain by subjecting herself to the process and felt more gain by remaining
Since she came about this, she was called an erotomaniac, fantasizer
o The university couldn’t afford a high profile professor on campus being a liar
If she was a victim, why didn’t she say anything at the time?
o “if I had done that, I would have had to explain this whole situation that ive come forward w/
Why didn’t she quit her job?
o She said she thought “the sexual overtures which had so troubled me had ended”
o She was a young, black, ambitious woman
o Sacrificing her career would have been better proof that harassment occurred (apparently)
o Anita was punished for being determined and strong enough to hang in there when things got
I na strange political necromancy, Judge Thomas profited from her allegations.
Judge Thomas entered college w/ the help of affirmative action and chosen by Pres. Bush to reinforce
the conservative majority.
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