When Men Taunt Men, Is It Sexual Harassment? ARTICLE

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Joe Hermer

When men taunt men is it sexual harassmentMargaret Talbot A more common case involves heterosexual men often in bluecollar and serviceindustry jobs who object to the hostile environment created by the behaviour of other heterosexual men Centered on what it considered horseplay Men who are targeted and weakest of the herdyounger smaller or more effeminate Maleonmale harassment is borrowed directly from adolescent rituals that have been around for decades wedgies pantsyanking rabbit punches to various parts of the body etc Sexual insults are the ones lying around and the easiest to pick up when youre boredJoseph Carlton worked as a pipe welder as was the victim of what men referred to as goosing poking or pinching a guy any place on his body but more often grabbing his genitals Carlton was goosed on two occasions by Davis soon after he accepted the job He complained to a supervisor at the site who did not reprimand Davis but who transferred Carlton to another crew People who heard about the complaint made fun of him whenever they saw him He was left with no choice but to quit On the stand Davis denied ever goosing Carlton or doing it to other menHe was awarded 300000 but appeals court overturned the verdict shortly after but the EEOC had failed to prove that his harasser discriminated against men Chris Lack worked as a cashier at Walmart and his boss James Bragg was a tenacious kidder He would say things like spank you very much penis butter and jelly Bragg would even say inappropriate things to Chris while he was dealing with customers He was awarded 80000 in damages after a brief trails but appeals court overturned his victory five years later from not prov
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