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University of Toronto Scarborough
Joe Hermer

1 Lecture 9 Gender is a powerful social construction o Opposed to sex, status o Gender= male female o From the moment were born, were put into those categories o Constant lifelong normative of gender, most norms are gender themselves o Because of large areas of expectations, ideals, customs of what malefemales should be o Norms around gender, race and sex arent compartmentalized, efforts of regulations are networked together o Norms about gender, large way about the bodies o Why is the body such a powerful sight gender, extensive about norms, express norms Readily available, everyone has one and its just there o We can never escape our bodies, minds can but not bodies o We use our bodies to live and experience life o Mediate pain and gain pleasure o The body is the secret that the torture uses because he knows the person can never escape it o Bodies are visible, theyre an easy, visible conducive in which norms can be contested o Bodies are moral sights, colonized, acted upon by extra ordinary range of expectations, how we self regulate ourselves on how our body should be like o Our bodies are regulated by how we look, self regulation o Norms are internalized Bodies that are medicalized, pregnancy o Pregnancy up until recently, wasnt ashamed but a private manner o Womens body is hidden away o Not taboo but private o Changed significantly Advances in gender equality Maternity benefits Technological innovation Mass media o Womens pregnant bodies arent to be ashamed of, but sexy and beautiful o Trends with maternity wear, essentially reconfigured to not hide pregnancy but to show it off o A fashion accessory, pervasiveness of how the body can be a sight of norms and regulation o The ways in which womens bodies are constantly being objectified as objects, subject of different types of idealization, now= pregnancy as fashionable statement in the last 20 years Gender norms o Best way to talk about is by fashion, ideal appearance o How do ppl fashion themselves to look like a manwoman? o How do ppl appear to create qualities of masculinity? o What used to be a clear mark as masculine and feminine is now blurring o Fashion is now a case of calibration Fashion women
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