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Jovan Stefanovic

Lecture 3 The West and the RestTerminologyDiscoursea speech manner of speech the ways people speak about a particular topic Collective understaind of a paricutlra topic that guide the way we talk about hte world we live in Its not a simple term it starts with life is messythere is no singular discourse ideology is singular disoucrse is not that There are countless discourse operating at the same time some contradictory Discourse is based on power it channels it and embedded in it It produces power for those who stand toDiscourse produces knowledge that produces other discourses which in turn invalidate the initial knowledge Halls main pointd is the practise of producing power its implicated in power its a system where power operates Its engaged in the construction of particular knowledge the validation of particular knowledgewhether academic religious writing Those writings them appear in a scientific naming understanding of particular bodies that then is linked to politics of naming Those who produce d have power to produce It determines how we engage in topics both speech and topic Truth is no longer a dichotomous truth truth is socially constructed and truth is what you were told to be true Discursive practicemakes us understand what a smart body is in schooling Theres a di
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