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Jovan Stefanovic

Gullroy and Bollymore dense theoretical Frontierstory driven Identity Synopsis Who we are and why we are who we areIdentity can be collective or individualCollective o National strong pride for your country racial regional localIndividual o Materialistic society the brands we use to identify ourselves instead of your religion o Intersubjectivity how others see youAnalysisHow we redefine our identity after reading the article and how we decide what the boundary is Lecture IdentitySocially constructed in relation to how we are perceivedAffected by the way our bodies are read o Can include many levelsBlack white brown etcTall average shortFat fit skinny etc o Bidirectional relationship between the ways we understand ourselves and others understand us o Helps makes sense of the visual representation our boidesSocially constructed in relation to who we identify witho Sense of belonging according to our fit to specific boundariesIdentity is not just about how i see myself but who i identify with who do i see my peers to be how do i engage with the peers in community
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