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SOCB53 FINAL REVIEW 1 Define and illustrate two different forms of racism other than everyday racism 1 Individualthis involves both the attitudesheld by an individual and the overt behavior prompted by those attitudes these attitudes are often obvious extremely intolerantIn Canadahowever most people are not comfortable about expressing their attitudes openly because these attitudes run counter to the prevailing norms individual racism has been defined as the attitudebeliefor opinion that ones own racial group possess inferior traits and attributes Example AttitudesSlursIndividual action Example Own experienceCould use the example of the gym with the white lady and the black man throwing up blood bInstitutionalSystematic manifested in the policies practices andprocedures of various institutions Example Word of mouth recruitmentwhich generally excludes racial minorities from the process Example Systematicrefers more broadly to the laws and rules and norms woven into the social system that result in an unequal distribution of economicpolitical and social resources and rewards among various racial groups Example In mediathe representation of racialized and indigenous peoplenegative images of themTalk about the real injun cCulturalIdeologicalValues of the dominant cultureBlack particularly Carribean family which differs from the type of family considered normal by the dominant culture Whiteness Knowledge and Blacknessnegative attached to itWe and they mentalityExample of the concept of the west from the restGirls wearing the hijab need to be saved we are more smarter than they are 2 Why does sociologist Carl James consider the term reverse racism to be problematic Provide an example to illustrate his pointThe phrase conveys the mistaken idea that racism is based on individual attitudes and ideologies and the individual exercise of powerExample Afrocentric schools3 How is the nation connected to race Discuss by illustrating with an example The concept of the nation relies on the imagining a fictive ethnicity because no modern nation possesses a given ethnic basis even when it arises out of a national independence struggle tienne BalibarExample National anthem Flags monuments sporting eventsnational identity constituted through discourses and practicesconstitute an ideal citizen who is embodied race class gender Example I am Canadian Commercial lists out national identities of being Canadian but it is really describing Canadians as a race 4 Paul Gilroy claims that conceptualizing identities as pure is dangerous Explain this argument and illustrate it with an example When national and ethnic identities are represented and projected as pure exposure to difference threatens them with dilution and compromises their
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