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Emily Fountas

Week 8 – Inequality Alfie Kohn – The Homework myth: why our kids get too much of a bad thing Chapter 1: Missing out on their childhoods - Schools have adopted homework policies specifying that children at a given grade level be required to do a set number of minutes of some kind of schoolwork at home - February 2004 issue of Parents magazine includes an article that uncritically accepts the proposition that all children should be given homework beginning in first grade The Amount - Most striking tend regarding homework in the past 2 decades is the tendency to pile more and more of it on younger and younger children - The proportion of 6-8 year olds assigned homework is now almost the same as that for 9- 12yr olds - Parents of teenagers report being astounded by how much more homework their kids get compared with what they themselves were required to do a generation ago and many are struck by how much more difficult these assignments seem - The United state is now among the most homework intensive countries in the world for 7 th and 8 grade math classes - A few writes strongly support homework claiming American children get too little homework - Back to basics advocates in Japan say that their children they are falling behind harder working American students - These polemicists theorize that If we accept their account of the way things are (kids have it too easy) we’ll be more receptive to their advice for the way things should be (should ought to be made to work harder) The Impact 5 basic themes to sort out the complaints one frequently hears about homework 1. A Burden on parents www.notesolution.com - Gary Natriello professor of education wrote a paper supporting the value of homework till his own children started being home assignments in elementary school and then he began to understand how much is required of moms and dads - Routine tasks sometimes carry directions that are difficult for 2 parents with advanced graduate degrees to understand - They require one to be well rested in a special state of mind not often available to working parents 2. Stress for children - Most attentive parents can testify that their children are chronically frustrated by homework, some better at handling the pressure of keeping up with a continuous flow of assignments and timelines that meet teacher’s approval - Emotional, Exhaustion, overwhelms struggling kids and removes joy for high achievers - Psychological costs - Homework is tough on parents and tough on children, these 2 effects are related 3. Family Conflict - Homework’s negative impact—and specifically the nagging, whining and yelling that are employed to make sure assign
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