Week 9

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Emily Fountas

WEEK 9 Media Christians, Rotzoll et al. Excerpts from Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning. Chapter 6 & 8 Chapter 6 Special Audiences The idealized “melting pot” concept has been replaced with the idea of the societal “salad bowl”, with all parts presumably contributing to the whole, yet still maintaining their own identities “special audiences” are treated differently, with greater sensitivity than their other constituencies o Socially beneficial 23 The Littlest Consumers Advertising to children has been a hotly debated topic How well advertising is “preparing youngsters to be knowledgeable and discerning” in what they learn about things to need or want Advertising’s inherent potential for deception by omission- in this case with a particularly “vulnerable” audience Advertising to children is an ethical practice because there are others to prevent unwise actions from being taken, assuming that the child is deceived in the first place o Deceived meaning: G.I. JOE Boat being advertised on T.V., when child actually purchases the boat, is sinks, and the battery life lasts up to 3 minutes, nothing like what they saw on the commercial 24 Selling Students to Advertisers Channel One: company that leases a school a color television set for every twenty-three students, with the agreement that the school will show Channel One in its entirety on approximately 90% of school days and in at least 80% of the classrooms Prime rationale was that schools would be able to afford equipment that they wouldn’t have been able to acquire otherwise, enhancing their students’ awareness of current events 25 Some Say “No” More Often Than Others Television consists of expensive time and programming supported by advertisers at no direct cost to the viewers Viewers were essentially trying to get advertisers to stay out of their TVs at home, which was inevitable Most companies operate on the assumptions of the market system www.notesolution.com Television system from a parents’ view: the continuing stimulation of their children with messages for products beyond the parents’ financial capacities “consumer education” segments aimed at kids that might help them to understand a bit more about the selling game-without driving off advertisers 26 The Big Sell for a “Purely Regressive Tax” The lottery is a form of addiction to games of chance Advertising feeds into the sanity Winnings are severely taxed and targeted to the poor Lottery ads regularly target the economically depressed, mislead consumers about their chances of winning and generally glorify lottery playing as harmless fun In generally, lottery advertising is not regulated by traditional federal or government agencies, since it was the governments that authorized the advertising Chapter 8 How to Say It Advertising by nature is communication with a purpose It seeks to alter the thinking and/or behaviour of those receiving the message in a manner beneficial to the advertiser 33 No Holds Barred- the Rise of Guerilla Marketing Advertising that tries to “get at us” in unconventional ways, sometimes disguised, sometimes in- your-face, but always in aggressive pursuit of sales This is, we believe, an intriguing ethical area o Eg.: Tourists asking people to take a picture of them in front of a landmark with a new Sony Erickson camera, and also being employees of Sony, the people realize that they too need a new camera, and begin to want the Sony Erickson they are using to take the picture Practises are sometimes labelled as deceptive, intrusive, and offensive On the other hand, guerrilla marketing can be viewed as the most inventive, working potential to reach customers and sell them something One thing is certain. In our increasingly commerce-driven culture, we will se
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