SOCC25H3 Study Guide - Pseudoephedrine, Welfare Queen, Metanarrative

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20 Apr 2012
using people's skull size u determine intelligence, undertanding of
deficiencies to different cultures, way of presenting of representing.
discourse is not a ismple topic: is assuems taht life is messy. there is no
singular discourses, tehre are coutnless discourses working at the same
time, discourses are not metanarratives. discourse is based on power it
challangese it and its embedded in it. who beneifts from certain
for stuart hall: provide a language to talk about a particular thing, when
statement about a topic are made within a particular topic, it makes u
talk about taht topic in a certain way, it limits other wyas in which topic
can be constructed
discourse prodices knowledge, a way o funderstanding the world.
discourses validate knowledge
discourse is the practise of producing meaning. meanign produce is using
power. discourse is one of the systems through which knoweldge is
a power relations. those taht produce the discourse also have the power to
make it true.
in sociology u read about ideology. discourse is like ideology. but to stuart
hall ideolgy speaks about true and false statement and somehow there
been a scientifc validity to what's true and false
but foucalult questions that truth can be subjected. science can u used to
prrove something. for example statistics skewed to prove somethign
discourse tell us how to engage with certain topics
politics of naming: discourive knowledge. freedom fighter vs a terroritst:
what they depend on is who is doing the naming
we would understand that understanding as true, and that true has
consequences on people
certain description even if they appear false to us, can be made ture
because ppl belive them to be true, so their actions have consequences
hall talks about oreitnatism. the use of the "other." orient is made as the
object of knowledge; classical knoweldge, biblical knowledge..these
sources were used to get knowedge. these played a part in creating the
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other. it create ways in which the west intereacted with the other.
discourse said who would populate the orient:
these "thruts" affected practices. discourses taht benefited the west..who
writed histories, who benefits, how is it constructed, for whom is it
constructed, who is outside this construction
all knowledge constructed in the west was "legtimate."
regime of truth: popular discoursse that are takend for granted. been
around for so long that we just think of them as true. their
representations are widely accepted.
disourse shapes perception and practise, operating through power and
withing power construction. the ways its constructed, ppl are affected by
how is a problem framed? what kind of things we understand through it?
hall only engages in the first point of contac. discourse shapes thew way
we undersatnd the refugee. who is a welfare queen? constructs who is u
understoof as teh citizen. not just anyone who has a citizenship card, but
who is constructed within it and whose outside of it
it creats understnaing of who is understood as a good student or bad
student. Which are intellgient bodies and which are not
discourse has consequeces. in terms of housing there are discourses about
who will pay rent. workplace: how are certain bodies perceived as hard
diff social sphered are overlapping. discourse is always done with relation
to something. hall talks about macroscale distinction: he talks about w
refrence to the west. but it also happens on a smaller level: it happens
realted to dominated group. who is suppose to be part of a family. is
nuclear famioly idea? how schooling happens?
becasue we are people ans we dont take oppression very well.
counternarratives: construction of discourses taht challenge the
dominant discourse. eg instead of lloking at the drop out rates u look at
the pushout rates, how are certain ppl kicked out. another way to look at
shcooling is a process of assimiliation where ppl are thought to strip off
their culture, those taht resist taht practise, they are subtracted from
the schooling process
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