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8 Jun 2011
- Boys are more like to fail or repeat and more likely to dro out of school.
Girls are more like to continue,
- men are only 40% uni grads and women are 60
- boys are less likely to continue school
- not having enough male elementary school teacher
- elementary school mostly women
- men being accused of improper conduct when they are lementary school teachers
- very high proportionate of men in elementaryis are charged with that conduct.
- boys are much more likely to have ebign labeled of ADD
- 75% of ppl in school taking some drug? Adrenailine? Are boys
Is it gender we need to pay attention to or is it the quality?
Some next Proff says: expand nation of what gender diff mean, she refers to within
boys there r lota diff types…
Given some group test and repeated the test, girls improved in the second one and
boys stayed the same
Family isnt enough, father presence enough, and if boys r in crisis, where is it
coming from..
What is the solution, what needs to be done to the problem.
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