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Francisco Villegas

kathie somethings civil society looks at how anti racism is manifested in civil society in movements in institutions nad intereset groups looks at how these movements manifest themselves she starts by outlining how globalization fits the topics shes getting atglobalization ahs expanded our consciousness of ourselves because of it we look at our selves more we also look at other people and see other people are different from who we are but were also aware of other people around us globalization stabiliziesit also controles countries because ofi t traidtional GOVT entity has reached a position where our perception of them has lost weve lost faith in what govt represents that speaks to this lack and loss of controle that govt institutions are now facing policing ourselves if ur anti racist movement or grassroot movement in the past u wud have gfocued on how u get the govt to change policies and thigns ut hink are agianst the idea of our
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