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Francisco Villegas

•what is the discourse being created in this article. what is being decentered. •deconstruct the argument.. u can further the concepts used in class. does the concept of discourse to construc real conter narratives? is there room to discuss how everyday people can chanet this. •if u wanna tlak about emperialism, discourse and X u can do that...u can say how there is very little room in uni coures to talk about racism. •describe particular bodies as having no knowledge •we're talking about the literature on race, and on immigration. what happens when we employ intersectionality, racialised migrants, creation of the other •what happens when u interlink all of these things and construct a very specific experience. •compexity of immigrantion: race and identiy adn the boundries of citizenship and they ways they effect regular people. what r the material conseuquences. what effects do these thigns have on peopls lives? •culture of poverty> discourses about poor ppl r like XYZ...more prone to crime etc.. •war on the welfare queens...partuclar families are very much effected by this...service providers who treat ppl differntly based on how they understand people's bodies •how do they speak to u? because u live in this context and society. u've learned alot of things...how do the reading apply to u? are there thigns that resonate...thing they are wrong about? •Fahulwai: •....the idea that migration is a complex phenome is key! •the idea that migrants and their reasons for migration are quite diverse. migration in many places in not monotenous. in mnay places across teh globe migration is a fact of life. for many countries around the globe their income for nation is not due to a product but because of a particular labour force. •availaltbity of liveihood in differnt contexts and how they draw out projectibilitites•migration and complexity: reserach has been done in particualr ways> what do migrants do for us? ..its diff when u ask y do migrants move? how is migration created. •research, theory as being very important aspect of how these ideas coem about. who and what is centered in an anlaysis and who is kept out of it. how do we decenter reasearch and ideas and recenter them on the affeted individuals. •assimilatory...migrant will become like the dominant. ..dual place identiedd .....inhabitanting the border lands..not just conceptally but also physically •al of this effect ur identity and orientation..most of the times there isnt a single migrantion in peopel's lives. •scales of migration do not have to be transnational...people could've moved from a town to city to a town..each is a migration..each movement causes a move in peopel's lives...compex understanding of migration.. •reserach is usually done that mgirants just came from one place..and that people here are menat to stay forever in toronto. •sometimes there is an assumption a that each countries are created equal...ppl of each nation do not have equal oppoutunities.. •what does it meant to have a canadian passport and be able to travel everywhere without question...what are the power dynamics that happen there... •place with no possibilities of livehood..integoration of diff nation state ionvolved in each nationstate. what does it mean for former members of commonwelath to follow the movement of empire..what r the consequences of national treaties that create a readily avaiblae labour force from the south to the north. •what is the content of receptiopn..dangers associated with processes when u catn get a visa..how are u recieved in such contexts •there are some towns around the world where they are only old people and kids left..because no jobs left for youn peopel..migratory lifestyle •ppl have agency ppl will resist, find a way to survive..they will try to crooss border to ahceive lievlihood •"better oppurtunity" slide > y particular ppl want to move, she looks at migrant trajectories, is it just a one wya ticket, is ther eretuen migration or whether there are multiple movements.. •migrant stories> ppl expect to return after acheiving ur goal...after i do this i can go home..but goals migrants set for themselves take alot longer than they imagine. prices of living in the west r so expensive. alos life happens..u get married etc..so u cant laways return •its not jsut poor ppl who r doing this to survive, ppl might be doing it to secure a better livelihood..to get a degree better received around the globe.. •factors slide..how are they recieved when they got there, were their places to live, did they get social service..basic needs may not be readily availbel to them..what r the dangers associated with migrantion partuclaryl if u cant get a visa.. •how destinations r also available on how family resources r available.. •subsequent migrations happen> migrations divides family bt networks may also bring them together..e.g if ur ant tells u its nt so bad in toronto as london..ur relatives from london might move •racism is not something that is only happening in the west. racial hierchies happen on the globe..often migratns r placed in a racial hierarchy places them where they r no longer dominant. •bailey and company article: •prof added strategic invisibility*** •permanent temporariness> the right to stay is not a given , and can be taken away at any moment...TPS as something that is fragile,,any day congress can decide not to renew it..this is similar to people with temporary worker permits..deportable subjects if they dont renew TPS or if they reject •..many migrants are able to engage r able to plan for the future. but for many ppl tom is a big deal because they are deportable...the idea of buying a nice house in north york is not really a possibility for many people. very little will to adjust their status and make them permenant. •agency vs structure... •agency: were not helpless beings and that we'll resist in times of oppression.•strucutre: makes people look helpless. but u dont hear the diff collective practices ppl engage to resist, to chagne the way we talk about things> deconstruct •trannational livelihood> how ppl ang goverments r depended on tranantional dollar •remittances that maintain an economy rather than products. for such families its not just ppl dependent on these remittances but also politicians. people now fro, latin america have the availabity in dual citizenship..they can engage in voting outside of the country they live in ..so politicians have to cater to those in the daospora it also means that those abroad can effect politics •barriers to TN lives? travel: whose bale to move from border to border, who get s visa who doesnt, what r the dangers to travel without a visa..2) work: alot of ppl not working in high end jobs, u dont know where ur going to work each day..not knownign menas ur uncertain 3)
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