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University of Toronto Scarborough
Rania Salem

FINAL REVIEW 1. How is Palestinian masculinity threatened? They express their musicality thru the military, but in other areas they don’t have these opportunities and therefore engage in different types of violence with the use of symbols such as cars, dogs and arms. Men would rather be seen as traitors then have no sense of masculinity and have a chance to provide for their families and take advantage of this opportunity 2. Does migration strengthen or weaken patriarchal systems? Weakens it because when men leave their families to work in oil rich countries, the mother has to assume both roles and sometimes women have to get a public sphere job to make more money But if the men are making enough money, then it strengthens it because this means women don’t have to go out and work and so women adhere to more traditional gender roles 3. What are the actual realities of informal employment activities of married women? Informal labour is still an economic contribution because it saves on costs (if the wife didn’t do it, then someone else wold have to be paid to do it). Contribute an income to the family by trading items in the markets. Hoodfar: informal activities for married women are invisible for outside observers because they will report being housewives because they see the role of housewife as being more high status then being a low skill worker. 4. How are the elderly affect by changes in the household and the patriarchal bargain Push for nuclear family where the elderly would not have a place, they lose they economic safety net which puts them at risk. Shift from agriculture to industrialization means elderly cannot have control the labour of their daughter in laws. Changing marriage expectations means
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