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Ann Mullen

SOME TEST Gendered society reading. Difference in the definition between sex and gender. Sex=strictly biological (automical) Gender= how they are manifested in social world, through social cultural construction, hwo the bio differences are played out. Reading says how socio explanation of gender differ from bio and psycho explanations. (main point) What does socio contribute to our understanding of gender and gender diff that we don’t get from bio, psych and anthro. Gender diff across diff cultures and time periods. - an extent to which we look for gender diff in society, how we use the term for opposite sex as if we are completely diff and there is no overlap between men and women. The difference between when we think about main diff between men and women (bals/penis/boobs bla bla, tennis, wrestling etc. etc. ) they don’t fully convery the overlap between men and women, and one way to think about that is if we had distribution (no commonality = no overlap) Some traits that only men have and women don’t.. absolutely no over lap, and often times the mean differences (the average differnce) More variation within genders than. Second point – most of the time when we do see gender differences, we tend to perceive what ever it is that men have and tend to be better, When men were thought to predominantly use the left brain more than the right brain, that was seen as women were difficient, because they were using more sides of the brain in a more balance. Womens absence was seen as defficieny, for lower levels in that one area. Whats wrong with men that they don’t go into social work and whats wrong with women for not doing that men are doing and vice versa. Emphasize difference between men and women. Women don’t go into engineering because of gender and sexx differences or abilities what ever, it looks like a gender difference. www.notesolution.com Another point was something about language. 15 CONCEPTS FROM THE READINGS. Think about the concept and give brief definitions for it. When speaking of biological it coincides with the nature argument that gender is strictly defined by features you are born with, the fate of each gender is determined by birth and the path in which each gender goes through is unavoidable. Biological inevitability cannot be influenced by social circumstances or input and is solely determined by innate unchanging features. It is significant because it effects how we perceive gender and gender roles and how biology and social in
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