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DURKHEIM’S FUNCTIONALISM • 1. DURKHEIM’S INFLUENCE – (a) DURKHEIM’S FUNCTIONAL ORIGINS • 2. DURKHEIM ON SOCIETY – (a) THE PROPERTIES OF SOCIETY – (b) DURKHEIM ON SOCIAL CHANGE • (i) MECHANICAL SOLIDARITY • (ii) ORGANIC SOLIDARITY • (iii) HUMAN NATURE AND SUICIDE • 3. SOCIETY AND INDIVIDUAL – Like society, dislike individual – (a) PERSONALITY AND ANOMIE • 4. DURKHEIM ON INSTITUTIONS – Lost the ability to integrate into modern institution – (a) RELIGION • We live in a secular world so it is no longer viable • USA most religious country in the world – (b) EDUCATION • Used to be controlled by religion • Ideological battleground – (c) FAMILY • Family can no longer integrate, used to be a production unit • No longer produces, families work in the labor market • We spend less time in the family • Family controlled your income and survival • Socialization used to be controlled by the family, no longer the case – (d) ECONOMY • Lost ability to integrate • Most of our adult lives take place in the economy • Economy = production, distribution, consumption • Used to be family supervision • Separation of the family and the production • Production and society works without moral regulation • Used to be controlled with “just price”, enforced by Catholic churches • Landlords cannot despoil peasants • Economy is ruled by raw egoism • Conflict, economy breeds conflict between the capitalists and economists, capital and labor • Economic strike infects other institutions • Capitalists say it’s a “dog eat dog” world • Adam Smith -> supply and demand, greed of the individualism helps to the greater good, it improves the standard of living of us all • Left wing are hostile to capitalism, but they loathe functionalism Left Middle Right NPD LIBERALS CONSERVATIVES DEMS INDEPENDENT REPUBLICANS BIG GOVERNMENT SMALL GOVERNMENT - Regulation taxes - Small regulations - Deficit financing - Small taxes - Collectivism - Balanced budgets ->Social forces - Individualism Implies that most sociologists are Leftists • – (e) POLITY • Used to be governed by religion, monarchy • Toleration act 1688 made it separate from religion • Politics is more compatible with social engineering • Comte and Durkheim are social engineers, • If there are a lot of suicides, they want to engineer social solidarity to reduce suicide rates • 5. HIS SOCIOLOGY OF MORALITY – Nature of morality will always differ, but morality everywhere aims at the same ends – Mechanical morality aims at traditional – Organic morality aims at modern – Individualism is dysfunctional – Collectivism is functional – Durkheim: what is good cannot be distinguished – Occupational associations • Professional groups have a code of ethics • Always have the best interest of the patient or client in mind – Progressive conservatism is an oxymoron, because they are leftist • Red Tories come out of this tradition – (a) THE FUNCTIONS OF MORALITY – (b) GOOD, BAD AND FUNCTIONALITY STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONALISM: PARSONS’ GRAND THEORY • 1. INTRODUCTION – Consensus also means totalitarianism • Shared norms and values – People from all social classes have same social values – Conflict theory signifies dominance of one group over the other – Sudden disruptive social change – Influenced by bourgeois tendencies • 2. STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONALISM TODAY – A lot of people relate sociology to structural functionalism – Structure means large scale institutions that make up the social structure, and how they relate to each other – Stratification is a functional necessity for the function of society, no structure is not stratified – (a) THE FUNCTIONAL THEORY OF STRATIFICATION • Stratification -> Relfication • (i) DAVIS AND MOORE – - HIGH RANKING POSITIONS – Sufficient rewards • 1. Unpleasant • 2. Social survival • 3. Diff talents • Lower rewards • Actors and athetes? • Sanitary engineers • More functional, but make less money • Movies stars, are they functional? • Functionalists believe that they are the core of the team – “Deserve” Inequality -> functional – Equality -> desirable – Scarce • Medicine • Admission restrictions • MSAT and LSAT • People want to get into places, but they force the entrances down, keeps up the scarcity – - LOW RANKING POSITION – (b) CRITIQUE OF THE THEORY • 3. PARSONS’ STRUCT FUNCT – (a) HIS FUNCT IMPERATIVES • (i) AGIL – - ADAPTATION • a society must be able to adapt, cope with it’s environment • Material culture – - GOAL ATTAINMENT • Society must have goals • System must be fine and achieve its primary
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