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Alejandro Paz

th April 4 2011-04-04—IEEB01 • Latour o Rubin o Rebeca –questions is who is liable?—you can blame the technology • Faoucoult- this is how knowledge is cotingeous.. our knowledge sshifts o 1) silence: creating wall of silence around then inmate who adored his persecution (throught himself Christ). Until came back by amitting transgression o Recognition by mirror: where inmates were asked to observe the behavioiur of other madmen un thin truth of own miadness is recgonize in that other object: madenes no loner an essence of freedon, but instreas tied to itself , a infiniteyly self- reffering observation” o 3) perpetual judgement: constant threat & terror of judgmenet, until inmate showed “ birth or remorse”, internaliinz moment of “ juridical instance” o Foucault, “the Birth of the Asylum” pp.151-8 o Christine • Paper on Singularity- place in the US 9day crash.. tech is extension of human eolution..gogle founder .. idea that “we will transecne all the limitation of biology”- Raymond Kurrzweil.... to extend who we are.. Yuan-Tai • Marx: “An organizws system.. working organism” pg. 360-361.. mark sort of says machine are monsterous.. • He is geting that.. machines are monsterous.. when their put in the interest of capitalist for surplus value than it become monsterous.. doesn’t evlivate the worker, yet expolites the worker more.. for marx is the key for understanding the soc
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