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University of Toronto Scarborough
Alejandro Paz

th March 7 2011-03-07 J IEEB01 N It humans that has motivation, or enslaved by non-human intellect N Black box- Latour .. hacketen, sociological, phshical, chemical, biological forces.. wen you have everything thing enroled than becomes a black box N Interests- tech soci it is society undermine the distinction.. we disregard how tech is N Marx- historical it machine put use in the industrial phase which is dehumanizing.. reduce the amount of time.. machine that derives .. historical shit-(subjective.. objective technical requirements) N Foucoult- history.. does have continnutity of epistems .. the age of confinement .. like in the 18 th 19 century.. not assume to apply wat he said N Geneoloy-^-]Z Z_} o }L L}ZL] N Silver o Taking us through Victorian culture... espically imp abut Victoriran England & empire o Concepts of the monsterous- were racist?...1) natural to classify efficient for cognition processing 2)ideas emerge from certain situation.. Victorian had their own period hard to tell if they were racist or not J see Foucaoult one step to the nextlinear kind of history... mental aysulms .. monsterous become naturalized given scientific explaination.. scientific society arise due to Bacon.. ther
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