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STAB22H3 Midterm: STAB22H3 - Term Test 1Premium

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Exam Guide
University of Toronto
Statistics I
Winter 2018
Term Test 1
Prof: Caren Hasler

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Exam Guide Covers the Following Topics:
Week 1: Statistics Starts Here
Categorical, Nominal, Ordinal Quantitative Variables.
Displaying and Describing Categorical Data
Frequency Tables
Bar Charts, Pie Charts
Contingency Tables
Conditional Distributions
Week 2: Displaying and Summarizing Quantitative Data
The Shape of a Distribution and The Centre of a Distribution
Means and Median, Skewness
Spread of a Distribution
Range, Interquartile Range, and Standard Deviation
The Five Number Summary
1.5 × IQR Rule For Outliers, Boxplot
Understanding and Comparing Distributions
Comparing Groups with Histograms, Comparing Groups with Boxplots
Week 3: The Standard Deviation as a Ruler and The Normal Distribution
Standardized Values, Z-Scores
Shifting Data, Rescaling Data, Linear and Non Linear Transformations of Data

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

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Density Curves and the Normal Model
68-95-99.7 Rule For Normal Models, Finding Normal Percentiles
Normal Probability (Quantile) Plot, Form Percentiles To Scores
Week 4: Scatterplots, Association and Correlation
Describing Scatterplots, Role of Variables
Correlation, Correlation Conditions, Correlation Properties
Linear Regression
The Least Squares Line, Predicted Values and Residuals, Residual Plots
Regression Assumptions and Conditions, R-Square
Week 5: Regression Wisdom
Nonlinear Relations, Subsets of Data
Outliers and Influence, Lurking Variables and Causation
Extrapolation, Working with Summary Values
Restricted Range
Week 6: Sample Surveys
Population, Sample, Bias, Randomization
Sample Size, Census, Populations and Parameters
Samples and Statistics
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