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Regression analysis fitting a line to the data It would be tempting to try to fit a line to the data we have just analysedproducing an equation that shows the relationship so that we might predict the body weight of mice by measuring their length or viceversa The method for this is called linear regression However this is not strictly valid because linear regression is based on a number of assumptions In particular one of the variables must be fixed experimentally andor precisely measureable So the simple linear regression methods can be used only when we define some experimental variable temperature pH dosage etc and test the response of another variable to it The variable that we fix or choose deliberately is termed the independent variable It is always plotted on the X axis The other variable is termed the dependent variable and is plotted on the Y axis Suppose that we had the following results from an experiment in which we measured the growth of a cell culture as optical density at different pH levels pH Optical density 3 01 4 02 45 025 5 032 55 033 6 035 65 047 7 049 75 053 We plot these results see below and they suggest a straightline relationship httparchivebioedacukjdeaconstatisticstress11htmlRegression analysis Perfect for first years
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