VPAA10H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Arts Administration, Marketing Management, Problem Solving

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13 Jan 2019

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Vpaa10h3 arts management intro course study guide. Office hours: aa329 | 11:10-12:00, mondays, or 12:10-1:00 thursdays, or by appointment. Manager within the context of the arts also means inventor of routines: as problem solver. In the past 15 years, government commissioned artworks for political reasons bureaucratically-defined art. This kind of work is not frequently defined as art: arts managers should be aware that all art is constantly being revalued; public reaction varies from age to age. Censorship: change in 1639: first time the state approved theatre as an art form. It will donate the money left to another nfp. Private: nfp vs. commercial (putting price tag beside works, collecting vs. non-collecting (galleries that do not own any of the artwork they show, all museums are collecting, arts service organization (asos, they don"t produce/show art. They are dealing with art indirectly: collective bargaining: negotiation of wages and other conditions of employment between employers and a group of employees, e. g.

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