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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Essay has to have thesis, body and conclusion- more broader Short questions- more precise paragraph No point form, complete sentences and paragraphs WEEK 1  Four important themes  Distinction bw sex, gender and sexuality. Part of our everyday language.  Sex is the conditional theme male or female is defined biological characteristics and properties of body  Gender is the masculine and feminine characteristics not MALE AND FEMALE. Bodies inhibit social and cultural characteristics. Thoughts, feelings and behavior associated with masculinity and feminity.  Gender external and internal dimensions. Is modified, challenged through social interaction and personal.  Sexuality is designed to produce eroctic desires and pleasures. Supposed to lead erotic arousals leading to genetical or non genetical. Appropriate sexual script for each particular sexual—  Hetrosexism is the belief of superiority of heterosexual. Promotes prejudice. Expressed by homophobia  Homophobia is irrational hatred and fear of homosexuality  Dichotomus thinking- dimorphism- division of human catogaries of male and female. Sex gender sexuality system is based on dichotomus thinking classified into divisions of two. Two distinct identities male and female. WEEK 2  GENDER BODY- BIOLOGICAL EXPLANATION OF IT  WHAT IS SOCIOBIOLOGY AND WHAT ARE THE PROBLEMS WITH THIS APPROACH? QUESTION  Systematic study of biological basis of all forms of social behavior. Maximizes reproductive structure of human behavior..  Argues that men are naturally polo—women are monogamous  PROBLEMS: 1)THEREOLOGICAL ARGUMENT- REASON AND ARGUE BACKWARD FIRST CONCLUDE AND THEN ANALYZE then search for evidence. 2) ASSUMES THERE IS ONE EXPLANATION 3)USES DATA SELECTIVITY 4) SOME ARGUMENTS ARE JUST PLAIN WRONG 5) CONSERVATIVE AND ADROSENTISM 6) antrocomorphism- human characteristics to animals WEEK 3  DISCUSS BODY AS CULTURAL CONTEXT AND CRITCALLY ANALYSE IN DICHOTOMUS?  Body is complex structure manipulative and controlled  Gender differences symbolically and materially inscribed in body  Women body portrayed in media  Different forms of power in body  Has capacity to be manipulative but can fight all kinds of powers  Gendered body- ddescribe gendered norms and gendered relationship to a body  Your gender shapes your opinions  Gender description-  TECHNOLOGIES OF GENDER- different devices and methods we use in daily life to construct our gender or body to what we choose  SEXED BODY- COMPULSORY HETEROSEXUALITY- when body is forced to assume men and women are innately attracted to each other emotionaly and physically- only way to achieve sexual gratification- only normal – trained and socialized to hetrosexual desires. HomophObia is essential in compulsoary heterosexuality  BODY AS A CULTURAL CONSTUCT- different cultures create different bodies, they frame bodies. Not just biologicaly but by different practices. Result of social constructed body example female bodies are more weak and vulnerable everyone has claim to women body. Every society has a way to look at a women body what is proper and what is not- enforces women body to be in a certain way  Women body as a subject to more scrutiny WEEK 4  HOW AND IN WHAT WAYS GENDER INFORMS HEALTH ISSUES- SHORT ANSWER  Women were excluded from medicine profession-  Women body as deficient and male as dominant in health profession  This is how gender informs health issues  Women live longer but sicker but men short but healthy  Way in which masculinity is defined- men ignore health issues and bear th
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