Summary on the Doing Desire reading.

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Daga Sandra

Doing Desire - Cultural contexts that render 2]o[ZZo]}oK] and dangerous divert them from the possibilities of empowerment through their sexual desire - }oZ L2]oZ }KL ooZZ}ZL] 2]oZ[Lo]KoZ2}}}KL[ - ]oZ2]L}ZLZZo7ZL] [2]oZLZ2}}[}KLL}Z}Z}Zo outside heterosexual, monogamous marriage - Many girls demonstrate tendency to silence their own thoughts and feelings for the sake of relationships when what they thinkfeel threatens to be disruptive - Girls look at themselves from perspective of males; thereby losing touch with their own bodily feelings and desires - @ ] Z}Z]oL ]L2}KL[ZZoZ]oLL Z]LZ]Z] ZoZ} ] - Madonnawhore dichotomy is alternately powerful and subtle in cultures of adolescents Summary Rochelle Doing Desire J Hetereosexual - @Z}2ZZZ^Z}2}]L_L K^2_}Zoo]}LZZ] - Describes her first experience of inte }Z9^ZZZZ Z^ZL]_J a response that holds no place for whether or not she feels desire - Even having sex within the confines of a relationship, described by some girls as a safe haven for their sexuality makes her [them] vulnerable - Z} Zoo[Z }L L}
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